A messy house is a happy home! Bullshit. How many smiling kids have your seen on Hoarders? 1. Log off Facebook 2. Clean your house. - rottencards - Based on the amount of laundry I do each week, I'm going to assume there are people who live here that I haven't met yet. - Author... Continue Reading →

Money, Shopping and Spending

Advertising is what makes you think you longed all your life for something you've never heard of before. - Author Unknown -- All I ask is the chance to prove that money can buy happiness. - Author Unknown - As a businessman, he seems to have dedicated his life to the proposition that where selling... Continue Reading →


A Guide to Self Service Shoe Shopping: 1. If they hurt like hell they're too small. 2. If they fall off they're too big. - Brantano Footwear - Although a life-long fashion dropout, I have absorbed enough by reading Harper's Bazaar while waiting at the dentist's to have grasped that the purpose of fashion is... Continue Reading →

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